A course for primary and secondary teachers who teach their subjects through English



On this course, teachers will develop their language skills primarily for use in the classroom where subjects are taught through English (CLIL).

By the end of the course, the teachers will have developed their basic classroom language skills and will be able to identify when to use these in a classroom setting.

Through the 5 different modules, teachers will increase their knowledge of the language teaching that needs to be considered in a content-based classroom as well as developing their own use of the language they have to use to communicate with students in this learning context.

This course is NOT recommended for teachers with a higher level of English than C1.

Course Delivery

Classes will be conducted online via Zoom with a teacher.

Maximum number of 12 students per group.

Course Content

Module 1: Instructions (4 sessions of 1.5 hours)

Session 1 – Instructions: The Basics

Session 2 – Instructions: When and How

Session 3 – Instructions: Making it Concise

Session 4 – Instructions: Workshop

Module 2: Communication Skills (4 sessions of 1.5 hours)

Session 5 – Communication: Language Focus

Session 6 – Communication: Responding to Students

Session 7 – Communication: Managing the Class

Session 8 – Communication: Workshop

Module 3: Thinking Skills (4 sessions of 1.5 hours)

Session 9 – Thinking Skills: Remembering & Understanding

Session 10 – Thinking Skills: Applying & Analysing

Session 11 – Thinking Skills: Evaluating & Creating

Session 12 – Thinking Skills: Workshop

Module 4: Error Correction (4 sessions of 1.5 hours)

Session 13 – Error Correction: Classifying Errors

Session 14 – Error Correction: Recognising Common Errors

Session 15 – Error Correction: Language for Correction

Session 16 – Error Correction: Workshop

Module 5: Feedback (4 sessions of 1.5 hours)

Session 17 – Feedback: Language for Feedback

Session 18 – Feedback: Oral & Written Feedback

Session 19 – Feedback: Common Mistakes

Session 20 – Feedback: Workshop                                   

Dates and Times

Course Dates: 02/10/23-15/03/24 (NB no class w/c 04/12, 18/12, 25/12 and 01/01)

1 x 1.5-hour lesson per week (20 weeks)

Total Course Hours: 30




This course is suitable for primary and secondary teachers who teach their subjects through English (CLIL). It is not recommended for anyone with a higher level of English than C1 and below a B1 level.

Course participants must use a suitable device to attend the classes, with a camera that they can connect when using Zoom. It is suggested that course participants download the Zoom app before starting the classes.

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