A course for both teachers and learners of English who want to improve their pronunciation



The aim of this practical 10-week course is to allow teachers to develop their knowledge of English pronunciation and increase their confidence in this area.

In each of the 10 modules, teachers will look at different areas of pronunciation and will then practise these with the guidance of an experienced teacher.

By the end of the course, teachers will have expanded their knowledge of English pronunciation and will feel more self-assured when speaking and listening to English in the future.

Course Delivery

Classes will be conducted online via Zoom with a teacher.

Maximum number of 12 students per group.

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to the IPA and Phonemes

Module 2: Focus on Vowel Sounds

Module 3: Focus on Consonant Sounds

Module 4: Minimal Pairs

Module 5: Word Stress

Module 6: The Schwa and Weak Sounds

Module 7: Sentence Stress and Intonation

Module 8: Connected Speech

Module 9: Homophones and Silent Letters

Module 10: Course Review

Dates and Times

1 x 1.5-hour lesson per week (10 weeks)

Total Course Hours: 15




This course is suitable for anyone with a minimum of B2 level of English. No prior knowledge of phonology necessary.

Course participants must use a suitable device to attend the classes, with a camera that they can connect when using Zoom. It is suggested that course participants download the Zoom app before starting the classes.

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