A FREE online Business English course for those who use English in the workplace


Course Information

What is it?

This FREE course is made up of 15 modules on different topics that you are a likely to encounter in the workplace. The course was designed for professionals using English regularly in the workplace who need to learn how to communicate effectively in English in a variety of business settings. Absolutely anyone can benefit from this course, but we recommend it to people who have a B1 level and above in order to make the most out of the course content.

Course Content

Each of the 15 modules has two components, a video and a guide. In the video, you’ll see a short introduction to the topic with some key points that you need to consider. After the introduction, you’ll see a short dialogue with the key language to be used in the workplace. Each module also contains a guide with essential language, as well as the transcript of the dialogue which appears in the video. Whatever your business background, there is something in each module which can help you to express yourself better in the workplace.

The 15 modules are:

  1. Business Emails
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Business Idioms and Set Phrases
  4. Communication and Marketing
  5. Cultural Awareness
  6. Customer Service
  7. Dealing with Conflict
  8. Human Resources
  9. Job Applications
  10. Job Interviews
  11. Meetings
  12. Money and Finance
  13. People Management
  14. Presentations
  15. Small Talk
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Module 1: Business Emails

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